AEGEE Experience Thursday: Nastya and SU

It’s time for the last post in the AEGEE events series!

Nastya Sheremet, member of AEGEE-Odessa and Summer University Coordination Team, attended our Summer University, sLOVEnia at First Sight, in July. Let’s see what she wrote about her experience in Ljubljana, Maribor and other Slovene cities:

Summer, as always, is time for discoveries and adventures and to take your mind off of everyday worries. I want to share what may happen to you next summer. 🙂

Two weeks of active rest, where you dive into the culture, history and traditions of your chosen country (and you can choose ANY European country) and create so many positive moments together with 40 young crazy Europeans, dancing all through the night, losing yourself in the mountains, discussing ecology at workshops and visiting the largest waste recycling plant, after which you ask at 4 am not to wrap your kebab in plastic, rafting along emerald green rivers, gossiping at night about new couples, attending a tour by a homeless person, winning the championship in beer pong… It seems you’ll never again be able to travel without AEGEE.

This project, the Summer University, has existed for 30 years, and every year it helps the participants to understand what Europe is and make it limitless. Summer University is a chance to gain a different perspective, not only at your leisure, but also at your values, since you will undergo a culture shock, oh, so many times. This is what happened to me in Slovenia, but with such an adrenaline rush that those 14 days went by way too fast. Thank you, AEGEE-Maribor & AEGEE-Ljubljana. 😍