AEGEE Experience Thursday: Niccolo and NWM

After a week’s break we are back with AEGEE Experience Thursday! We still owe you an experience from a NWM that we described some weeks ago! 😁
This time Niccoló shared with us his experience at a Network Meeting in Napoli! Enjoy. ☺️

The NWM Napoli was quite the right example of how an NWM works, with workshops, ideas sharing sessions and, of course, parties and social program.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t participate in the entire event, but I stayed long enough to get a clue of how this type of event works and how well the organisers were doing.

The idea of the event is to gather AEGEEans in order to share good practices, both in an informal and in a formal way. Coffee breaks, city trips and European nights are always a good opportunity to learn something new.

Even if the activities required to stay in the same place, there was also time to visit the city and to taste the famous local food (eating pizza in Napoli is a must-do in life and it’s also extremely cheap!).

Almost all the topics concerning the life of an AEGEE Antenna (events organisation, fundraising, human resources management, soft skills development) are touched, so there is always a chance to learn something new and not to get bored.

A group of trainers delivered high quality activities, where the participants had always the chance to be proactive; some activities where delivered by a Comité Directeur member and a trainer of the Academy.

The group of participants had a big core of Italians members (this type of events gathers mostly Antennae that operate under the same Netcom), but also other countries were represented.
That was quite good as there was more variety of ideas for the sessions and drinks for the European Night.

Somebody said that the Network Meeting is an event for more experienced AEGEE members, but it’s really the right way to dig in the organisation backstage.
So, also a new member that would like to get really involved in AEGEE could get a lot of ideas and experience.

So, Thanks AEGEE Napoli for such a good event and I wish to all the AEGEEans to have the chance to try all the different type of events that the association offers, they are all unique.