AEGEE Experience Thursday: Jernej and Agora

The previous week we explained what is Agora. »What about something more personal« you will say. Here you go: AEGEE-Ljubljana presents AEGEE EXPERIENCE THURSDAY. Jernej will describe his experience in Istanbul:

“As in AEGEE, the AGORA is a grand experience because it offers something for everyone. If you are passionate about the current events in AEGEE and global affairs, want to represent your local antenna in decision making on a European level and gain new experience for future projects, then the delegate experience is the right pick for you. The position of a visitor gives you more free space to explore the city and culture where the event is taking place but also meet more amazing people from AEGEE and broader along the way. Istanbul, the city essential for European culture throughout centuries was an excellent pick for an organization of such an international event, and Andreja, Laura, Eva and me decided it was an opportunity we could not miss.
We arrived some days before so we had enough time to explore the city on our own. We got familiar with life in such a big city quite fast, although only Istanbul has the capacity of more than 7 Slovenia’s in regard to population. Colourful culture, peacefulness in the beautiful mosque surroundings, the taste of freshly made Turkish apple tea, lovely crowded Taksim square, sound of a call to prayers in the distance and so many more experiences that are hard to explain and express with words made an unforgettable impression on us. We soon joined the rest of the AEGEE family at another venue where the autumn AGORA 2018 took place. AEGEE-Istanbul made an amazing job, showing great hospitality, dedication and motivation for the organisation of such a challenging event. We had a blast in every activity that was organised, from the plenaries to an amazing Boat party between Europe and Asia, and let us not forget that where else would we have an opportunity to experience sleeping in a garage.
This year’s autumn agora that took place in Istanbul will stay in my heart for many reasons.
1. Because it brought together such a great number of young people passionate for a borderless, peaceful Europe, something essential for a bright future.
2. For the amazing culture, hospitality, Turkish coffee, language, food (sweet pistachio baklava is something dreams are made of), history and so much more Istanbul blessed upon us with arms wide open.
3. And last but most importantly, because this AGORA was joined by so many members from the AEGEE-Ljubljana family, sharing this amazing experience.
Istanbul, Turkey and AEGEE-Istanbul… it was an adventure to remember. TEŞEKKÜR EDERIM!”