AEGEE-Ljubljana’s General Promotion Workshop

Yesterday’s Wednesday wasn’t a Duolinguo Wednesday (to what we’re slowly becoming accustomed), but a bit different one. 🤔

AEGEE-Ljubljana hosted Baldria’s Network Commissionner, Novak Simin. He held a AEGEE-Ljubljana’s General Promotion Workshop, where he explained some interesting things:

➡️ what promotion is and how to tackle it;
➡️ the five Ws of promotion: WHY, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN and WHO;
➡️ where to promote, when to promote and how to promote;
➡️ what visual identity is and why it is important;
➡️ what some good examples of promotion (and the bad ones) are.

We also created some of our own posts, of course, in accordance to what Novak explained. It was also a nice opportunity to try our skills creating in Canva! 🤓😃

It was educational, informative and, most of all, fun! ☺️