Carnival of Venice with AEGEE-Ljubljana and AEGEE-Pisa

AEGEE-Ljubljana is going to… Carnival of Venice!

The magic of the Carnival in one of the most beautiful cities of Italy… what else?


WHERE: Venice Carnival with AEGEE-Pisa

WHEN: Saturday, 23rd of February; meeting point at 7.00 at Ljubljana Central Station

WHAT: Our friends of AEGEE-Pisa are coming to Venice with a big group of Erasmus students and we are going to join their guided tour through the city, surrounded by the amazing Carnival atmosphere. We will also try the famous Gondola, while passing through the “Canal Grande” (cost: around 2 euros).

HOW MUCH: There is no fee as we don’t provide tickets for the travel. You can buy the Flixbus ticket (departure: Ljubljana-Venice Tronchetto at 7.00; return: Venice Tronchetto-Ljubljana at 17.00) or you can organise your trip in any other way and we will manage to meet directly in Venice. In any case, hurry up as the cost is will increase every day.

For any additional info you can whatsapp:
Niccolò: +39 3922926418 (before and during the event)
Francesca: +39 3299735904 (only during the event)

See you soon!