Doulinguo Foreign Language Workshops

Do you also share a passion for language learning? 🤓

AEGEE-Ljubljana proudly presents the first ever Duolingo event in Slovenia! 🎉
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Follow the event posts to see:
➡️ What work has gone into preparing this to be a strong recurring event
➡️ How you too can become a Duolingo ambasador
➡️ What kind of facilitation techniques will be used at the event
➡️ And participate in shaping the event even before it starts.

Did you know
Duolingo’s story started 7 years ago when the founders set on their mission to provide free language education. The app is now available on different platforms and in addition to that 1 year ago started Duolingo events as another part of their strategy for growth.

AEGEE-Ljubljana is glad to grab this opportunity to interact with more people and help provide something good for the community. 🔝

We are starting with our Duolinguo events soon. Stay tuned. ☺️☺️