Duolinguo French Language Workshop with AEGEE-Ljubljana

After yesterday’s Russian Workshop we continue with our main goal of becoming polyglots! It’s time for some more language learning! 🤓🎉

In the next Duolinguo language workshop we will learn French! 🇫🇷

Ever wondered what they say about French?

🔹 French is difficult to learn.
🔹 I cannot understand a word the French are saying.
🔹 The French talk too fast.


🔹 French is the most beautiful language there is.
🔹 French is the language of diplomacy.
🔹 French is the language of love.

Come and see which of these assumptions about French you agree with most. We will discover how to sound like a true French, learn some basic phrases (so you will know how to ask for help the next time you get lost in Paris 🙃) and try to use some of the acquired knowledge. 😎🤩

We meet on Wednesday, February 13, at 18:00, at the Student Campus (classroom 1).

N’hésitez pas et venez ! À bientôt ! 🇫🇷🎉