Duolinguo French Workshop with AEGEE-Ljubljana

🇫🇷 BONJOUR ! 🇫🇷

Did you know that the average AEGEEan speaks more than 3 languages? Knowing some words to order a CROISSANT ET DU VIN (A LA SANTE l🍷) is one thing, but knowing a language properly means much more than that. Teja, our MAGNIFIQUE teacher, enlightened us with the romantic 🇫🇷 language. What better time to learn it than one day before Valentine’s day. She taught us the joy of introducing ourselves (ex. JE SUIS EMON, JE SUIS UN DRAGON 🐉), but also the perils of french numbers, where you will not be able to even pronounce your age if you are not good at mathematics (ex. 80 = 4 × 20 = QUATRE-VINGTS 😌). We are not native in 🇫🇷 yet, but we will practice until the next lesson and be more fluent than Gérard Depardieu. Untill next time, VIVE LA FRANCE !!!🗼.