Duolinguo Russian Workshop

Привет друзья! 🙂

We are finally starting with our Duolingo Foreign Language Workshops! The first language we will learn the basic of (as you could’ve probably guessed from the greeting) is… RUSSIAN! 🇷🇺 With our Duolinguo instructor Peter Šuligoj, who’s already done many Russian workshops in Tallinn, we will discover some interesting things about Russian and learn a phrase or two. 😉

Join us on February the 6th, at 18:00 on the Student Campus! (link) We meet in the green reading room. Look for the Duolingo signs! 🐥

The meeting will be guided as a group experience, switching from talking in pairs to collecting thoughts on topics as a group. Come meet your fellow Duos and together we will create a language learning community! 🤓

🇷🇺 All levels welcome! 🇷🇺