Exchange of AEGEE-Ljubljana and AEGEE-Budapest

A few days ago, we finished our Exchange of AEGEE-Ljubljana and AEGEE-Budapest, and some local residents from AEGEE-PisaAEGEE-Las PalmasAEGEE-Ankara and AEGEE-Tallinn??

We started our first night at Plečnik’s Baraga Seminary. This was quite pleasant logistically as the location of the venue is very convenient: next to the main train and bus station. We had a nice cosy evening taking turns, answering each other’s questions and enjoying good food. ?

Next day we travelled quite a lot. First, we met up in Ljubljana and departed for Bled. Once we found probably found the best possible parking spot, thanks to Laura, we went to Ojstrica Hill for a hike and to enjoy the amazing view. We returned to the city centre to visit the oldest producer of “Blejska kremšnita”, the famous pastry. ?

After a quick refreshment, we headed off to Kranj, where after a quick survey we decided most people are interested in trying some Slovenian food. So, Jure took us to Labore Inn. After having our share of good food, we continued visiting the city with Laura who gave us a glimpse of local culture by sharing stories and stopping local citizens to ask for more details about the historic places. ?

Our night ended in Ljubljana, with us playing board games and eating snacks at Dobra poteza Inn, where they have a great selection of beer. ?

Miha just happened to be in Domžale with his van, so he offered to give us a lift to Ljubljana from our accommodation. Because of this, our morning started on a very pleasant note and it only got better from there on.

Peter took us for an urban culture tour that ended at the city market. After a short pause we went to visit the National University Library before jumping next door to Križanke for the European Food Summit and Odprta kuhnaMarket, a food market that began this year’s season.
After enjoying the vibes, aromas, perfumes and presentations we continued to our crown jewel, Jože Plečnik’s House–the architect that has had a great influence over Ljubljana everyday life.

Just out of curiosity, we stepped down the street to CSKFP, a local club famous for hosting “Trnfest”, a free festival in August. It turned out that it was karaoke night, and the DJ didn’t have to try too hard to convince us. Also, he smashed Imagine Dragons – Natural. ?

We went back to the city centre to see some more of Plečnik’s works, prepped for predrinking and split in to three groups to have dinner. We were deciding between Slovenska Hiša Restaurant, Sarajevo 84 Restaurant and Surf&Fries. After meeting up and some charades in the city park, we proceeded to Parliament to release our inner party animals. ??

We finished our last day in style with Marii giving us some insights into vegan lifestyle and making some tasty food. ???? We hope we did not disturb our neighbours too much. (Shutout to the Fanfara team for preparing a wonderful event! We can’t wait for it, will you join us on the 26th?)

Anyway, our guests said goodbye and went for one last adventure to visit the city castle, and picked up Gergeys glasses from the friendly staff at club Parliament.
Thank you, AEGEE-Budapest, it was a blast. 😉❤️

Photo credits: AEGEE-Budapest