Podaljšan rok za prijave za poletne šole

Dobra novica za vse, podaljšali so rok za prijave na poletne šole do 30.4.

Še uradna razlaga zakaj so podaljšali

Dear Network,

As we are approaching the end of application period we would like to clarify some points and relieve the stress most of you are having.

First of all, due to the technical problems of our website there have been many issues regarding missing information and logging-in failures. We received all your messages and did our best to solve the problems. However, technology is not always the best friend of human and can be very stubborn. In order to provide you with solution we suggest to include detailed information on your websites/facebook pages.

Secondly, there has been some late changes due to the sponsors, fund raising or university support of the organizing locals. There are some mistakes on the printed map as well. So, we highly recommend you to always check the website, before you decide and apply.

Thirdly, we are receiving many emails from people who can not login to suct website. This is a problem caused by intranet as all the data is drawn from intranet. Please, make sure your intranet account works properly and if not try to contact to IT responsible of the system.

Last but the BEST, to make up with these inconveniences; give organizers more chance to promote their SUs and to future participants to examine and read in details all the SUmmer University list we as SUCT decided to extend the application deadline.

The new deadline of applications is 30th of April, 23.59 (CET).

P.s: For now for 2062 places we have 2476 applicants! If you are interested how many applicants applied to your desired SU/SU’s, check the Statistics&Records page

SUmmerly yours,