Slovene Workshop, European Night and AEGEE-Budapest!

We have now finished the first round of our Duolingo Language Workshops. We have learnt basics of Russian, French, German and Italian. But not only the languages; we have also learnt some general customs and traditions of the nation, what you can and must not do when in a certain country and how to have good time there. Almost too much to take in! 😍😁
➡️ Now we have a special surprise! ⬅️
On Thursday, March 14th, AEGEE-Budapest is already coming to visit! First, we will host a Slovene Workshop on the Student Campus that everyone can attend! It will feature an interesting quiz about Slovenia and you can come and help our friends from Budapest to familiarise with our beautiful country. Then, we will have our very own European Night (one of the most desired events in the AEGEE world, come and see why ;)). It’s an event hard to forget. 😉
Everyone is welcome to come and hang out throughout the entire weekend, especially, on Thursday for the Slovene Workshop and the European Night. See you soon. 😍🇭🇺🇸🇮