SU, pt. 1: Maribor

Pt. 1: –> MARIBOR <–

Our Green adventure started in Maribor. We stayed there for 5 days before heading to our next stop, it was a travelling university after all. First we made some introduction games to break the ice. Thanks to great energy and atmosphere by both the participants and the organizers, it didn’t take long for everybody to feel like we had known each other for a long time. 😊

In Maribor we did plenty of fun stuff. First we had a city tour around Maribor, so the participants would feel more oriented around the city and know how to come to the gym if by chance they’d got lost (which didn’t happen). We also had a city rally later that week held in the night time so we could see if participants were paying enough attention during the city tour. One evening we had a walk to Piramida hill where we watched the sun set in romantic atmosphere, we went to a hike to Pohorje on a lovely sunny day (maybe too sunny for some), and because it was quite hot, we didn’t walk down the Pohorje but we decided to take a special ride called Pohorje Jet which took us to the valley much faster and it was way funnier than to go by foot! We also went swimming at the swimming pool called the Maribor Island where we held our volleyball tournament.

One of our most valuable events, the European Night, was also held in Maribor. At that night we remembered from which country a person was if we forgot it during the past days, and they presented their country and specific drinks and food. It was a night to remember! (Well, some of us do remember, other not so much).

During our stay in Maribor we made a trip to another historic Slovene city called Ptuj. We walked around the streets of this small old town and listened to the great history of the city.

The introduction of our trainers from SEIG and workshops on sustainability also started in Maribor and it was very inspiring, interesting and educational.