SU, pt. 4: Ljubljana

Pt. 4: –> LJUBLJANA <–

At last we arrived to the capital of Slovenia. We met the city during a scavenger hunt and the Unseen Ljubljana city tour, visited the Metelkova street and enjoyed the view of the city from the Ljubljana Castle.

Workshops on sustainability continued and we got to know some of what we were talking about in real life while visiting RCERO, a waste management facility.

We took one day to go out of the capital city and in to the nature so we went for a hike to Velika Planina, so people could see that cows really exist and that they are not purple.

The hike was quite exhausting, but it was worth the climb when we made it to the top.

Even the sky cried when we walked back down because everybody was so sad that they had to go back to the valley. 🏔️

Sadly, the end of TSU came all too soon. We bid farewell at a private party and presented some of our participants with different awards.






AEGEE-Ljubljana and AEGEE-Maribor also thanked our main organisers, Jernej and Aljaž, for their efforts and contribution. We all agree that the Green Adventure and its most amazing participants will remain in our hearts. Thank you guys for making this TSU as great as it was! 💚